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Well….At least Joba got plenty of rest before his start against the Rangers

I don’t know what to make of Joba or his rules.

It seems that Girardi and the powers that be in the Yankees FO think that the most important objective with Joba is to see that he doesn’t get overworked for the rest of the 09 campaign.

Tonight, it seemed that he just couldn’t understand how his one trick of making batters swing at his slider as it dipped out of the zone didn’t work beyond the first time through the batting order.

I imagine that tactic can work pretty well in the minors….But the Rangers, as most major league line ups are prone to do, were able to make adjustments. And after that, Joba looked tenetive, afraid to throw strikes, unable to get a third our and completely predictable as he walked batters until he threw pitches that were undeniably hittable.

If this is the best he can do on eight days rest, I shudder to think how he will perform with five.

Watching him pitch was truly maddening tonight.

If he is going to be this tenetive and short sighted, it is my suggestion that he has no business being in the starting rotation.

During the post all star break surge, there have been players who have been driving things. Jeter and Matsui with their timely hitting. A Rod and Tex with their power.  CC and Pettitte with their solid pitching. Hell, even Cano contributed to the near combeback tonight. (Melky, you better hope that Gardner is going to be out a bit longer, because you’re looking pretty replaceable right now. And I would’ve put AJ in the driver’s seat as well, but it seems like he’s caught in limbo between solid performances and blaming Jorge for not being able to ‘get on the same page’.)

And then there have been a few passangers. Players who have benefitted from the solid play of others.

Right now, Joba is looking like the biggest one of them all. Putting in four and a half to five innings of mediocre work only to sit in the dugout and hope that the line up can, once again, bail him out.

Joba is equal to Sergio Mitre in this regard. But there is a difference between Chamberlain and Mitre:  Mitre seems to be able to acknowledge when he doesn’t pitch well. I have the sickening feeling that Joba will try to convince us mere mortals that beyond evidence to the contrary, he really did pitch well tonight….I hope I’m wrong.

But if he does react that way tonight, then it may be time to consider Joba for two things, the bullpen or the trading block.