About urbanshawk

A Yankee fan since the age of nine, I spent
most of my childhood moving to different places among the
lower forty-eight due to being the son of an officer in the
Marine Corps. The game of baseball is something that reminds
me of how good childhood could be. And the Yankees represent
my first observation of greatness and tradition. And with
PED’s now permiating all things about the game, I’m forced to
quote one my my favorite movies. In the film “For The Love of
the Game”. The main character, Billy Chapel, has a meeting
with his teams owner who tells him that he’s selling the team
and that the new owners want to trade him to the Giants. This
bother’s Billy who has “always been a Tiger.” At the end of
the conversation, the owner laments how much the “game
stinks”. At the very end of the scene, Billy says to the
defeated former owner of the Tigers “It’s a great game.”
Indeed it is.


baseball, music and too many other things
to mention.