Uh oh…..

Suddenly, Pettitte is not an ageless wonder, CC’s drop in velocity IS showing itself to be an Achilles heel, Teixiera’s and Jeter’s return to action are even more in doubt and the two games in which Boone Logan looked like he was more than a spare were merely a mirage.

I know it’s a long season, but I fear what we’ve seen since the end of April is more what we can come to expect from this team as the season goes on.

Right now they seem to be in that mode that teams get in when they do just enough to lose with some kind of dignity. When they don’t pitch well, the bats come alive to make an impressive rally that falls short. Then they do pitch well enough to win, the offense can’t buy a hit.

Hopefully they’ll be able to pull out of this soon.

There have been bright spots……Hughes seems to have found his sea legs and Mo is still Mo.

But the team is going to have to find something more in order to be in the thick of the race come September.

I think getting Granderson back could be a boost.

I am not expecting anything else from A Rod, Teixiera or even (gasp) Derek Jeter.

I know he intends to play this season and I really hope he can make it back. But the only time he ever had this kind of an injury was when his shoulder got banged up in the season opener in Toronto. A fractured ankle at his age just seems to be a lot harder to recover from.

No one is as big of a Jeter homer as I am and, as I said, I really hope he can come back and help out….In which case I prefer to eat my crow fried to a crisp.

But now things seem to have taken a turn towards reality.

And that really seems to bite.

Take care,

Go Yankees.


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