All in All, it was a good week….

So where to start…..

Phil Hughes had a quality start. It’s been suggested that the fact that he got injured during spring training prevented him from really being ready by the time the season started. If his next start is like his last one, that argument will have some validity.

CC had another good start. .Kuroda has looked great and Pettitte is showing himself to be an ageless wonder.

Nova is still struggling.

Both Nova and Hughes need to be aware of a certain Taiwanese pitcher in Scranton who at one time was a staple in the Yankees rotation.  Chien Ming Wang may be able to step up and take someone’s rotation spot if someone is unable to give the Yankees the quality starts needed to contend of a postseason spot.

Boone Logan showed us all again today why just keeping a guy around just because he’s a lefty is not always a great idea. It looks like he’s going to keep sparing Yankee fans to death.

And Phelps didn’t do any himself any favors in his last two stints out of the bullpen.

Sad to see that Jeter is still having issues with his injury. It’s not something that Yankee fans want to think about, but it looks as if time if catching up to the Captain. 

And now another big test is coming against the Rays in Tampa. 




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