The Panic of last week has been put to bed……For now.

Six days ago Yankee Universe was in peril with the Pinstriped Faithful shocked and perplexed…..Now all of a sudden all seems a little more right with the world.

I lamented about the state of CC in my last blog. What I should have kept in mind is how one of my favorite pitchers of all time, David Cone, did some of his best work after he began to lose his velocity and had to learn how to pitch with a little finesse. It seems that CC is turning the page and may just be aging gracefully as a pitcher. He looked really good tonight….And he got a big help from a triple play……Was that cool to watch or what?

Andy Pettitte’s start is being pushed back due to back spasms…..Don’t like the sound of that.

Joe Girardi was complaining about how there are too many opening series in cold weather cities and that what MLB should’ve done was to keep the first month or so of games within the division.

As much as I really like the fact that Girardi is managing the Bombers, (No…Really I do) I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that New York, Boston and Baltimore are all cold weather cities without indoor stadiums….Meaning that they are as prone to wintery weather just as much as Cleveland or as Minnesota is…..Remember when Hideki Matsui made his big debut in the Bronx?….He was wearing a ski mask because of the weather…..So how would keeping games in the division keep weather from being a factor in the Al East?

Zack Grienke is out for two months after Carlos Quentin charged the mound and broke Grienke’s collarbone. I know that Grienke did his share of talking after the beaning and before things escalated…..But Carlos Quentin has taken getting hit by pitches to new heights throughout his career….And the fact that it was a 3-2 count in a one run game would suggest that the beaning wasn’t intentional. Of course Grienke does seem to have some madness to him….But he would have to be beyond certifiable to intentionally hit someone in that situation.

 I had reservations about Vernon Wells being in pinstripes, but he genuinely seems happy to be in the Bronx….And his play reflects that. Plus, the fact that he publicly said that he would have no issue with platooning once Curtis Granderson returns is making me a little more than lukewarm on the idea of Wells being a Yankee. He seems to have a great attitude about the whole thing….And guys like that are refreshing to see on your favorite team.

Jeter is running, Granderson is throwing and Teixiera is close to swinging a bat.  That’s always encouraging.

So another week of Yankee baseball is in the books and the Yankees are tied for first place with their natural nemesis, the Red Sox.

If this is what the pennant race is going to look like this year, it should be a lot of fun to watch.

Thanks for reading….If in fact you did.

Will try to blog again this time next week.

Take care.

Go Yankees.



One comment

  1. ocyankee

    he’s saying they should play in the division in April so they have time to make up those games. We play 9 games in Boston and Baltimore this season….those were our ONLY games in cleveland this year, so now we have to go out of our way to make up not one, but two games on our off day. Bos and TB got rained out today…think TB has to go out of their way to make that game up later in the season? No….they’ll be back in boston for more games later on…that’s girardis point.

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