Talking Mo during Game Four of a Yankeeless World Series

Buster Onley posted that Mariano talking retirement may be a ploy as negotiations will be coming up. I guess I can’t blame him if that’s the case. But it’s always kind of a kick to the groin when baseball becomes a business again.

Still, who knows what will shake out over the next few months. If anyone has earned the right to go out anyway he wants to, it’s Mariano Rivera. He has proven his worth time and time again. And given the amount of money that others in pinstripes have been paid who had one glorious post season in 09….Yeah, I’m talking about A Rod, it makes sense for him to not want to be lowballed by the Steinbrenners.

Incidently, it’s kind of nice to watch a team struggle at the plate that isn’t the New York Yankees….Especially being that team is the one that swept the Yankees right out of the playoffs.

Anyway,  until nex time.


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