It’s been too long…..

It’s been over a year. I know that odds are that no one missed me. But in case anyone did, here goes.

The Yankees were eliminated from the 2012 Post Season not with a bang, but with a wimper.

How anyone is surprised that the Yankees got bounced from the postseason is beyond me.  They turned a ten game lead in a two game lead in less than two months and while in the process of doing it, manageed to look like a team that was gassed.  If it wasn’t for Raul Ibanez in the ALDS, the Orioles may still be challenging Detroit for the AL Championship.

There’s enough blame to go around. A Rod get’s the bulk of it. But as a whole this entire team just didn’t show up.  It bothers me that this team lives and dies by the homerun. While that makes for great drama, teams that rely on the big fly get beat in October. The Yankees used to know that.

As far as the prospect of A Rod being in another uniform next year is concerned, A Rod has said that he will be a Yankee next year and he has the no trade clause to make that a reality…..And Cashman has said that while he’ll listen to anyone with a trade offer, he doesn’t see a trade involving A Rod likely.

Reminds me when A Rod was made captain of the Rangers. He said he would stay a Ranger….Owner Tom Hicks sent a letter to all season ticket holders saying that A Rod would stay a Ranger.

Then Aaron Boone played a pick up game of basketball and the rest is history.

I also remember once when Cashman told the Pinstriped Faithful that the Yankees opening day center fielder would be Bubba Crosby….Then all of a sudden, Johnny Damon was in New York City getting a shave and a hair cut just before being fitted for pinstripes.

So while I think odds are A Rod will be a Yankee in 2013, I also think that if a deal can be done, one will be….Stay tuned.

Robbinson Cano did himself no favors this post season.

In light of what the Yankees are going through with A Rod, I would think that they would be hesitant to give anyone a big money/multi year deal. And that’s the problem with baseball in general. A player spends so much time playing for the big contract, and by the time he gets it he’s  just at the height of his career, forcing teams to use a form of Mark to Marketing accounting treatment in paying him as if he’ll produce at the highest possible level for the next seven to ten years.

It’s no wonder players used PED’s back in the ninetlies…..and it’s really no wonder why owners and GM’s looked the other way while they did….and make no mistake….they did look the other way.

So now all we have to look forward to is the GM’s winter meetings and hot stove talk.

Hopefully, the Yankees will just say no to Josh Hamilton.

Should be fun to watch.

Take care all


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