Getting old, getting hurt and putting last nights loss in it’s proper perspective.

So after getting their picture on the cover of SI, two of the four players seen as the core of the Yankees go down with injuries.  Guys, it’s called getting old. Yankee fans don’t beleive in curses….If that’s what you want, go buy your Red Sox Nation membership card.


OK….I get that Nick Johnson has a big OBP, but he’s a designated hitter and he’s on the DL with a sore wrist……The same injury that hampered him during his first stint through pinstripes. I’m glad that Cashman didn’t move when Boras, the baseball anti-christ, said jump. But I sure would like to see Damon as the DH.


Looks like AJ hasn’t shaken whatever it is that prevents him from pitching well at Fenway…..That only reared it’s ugly head after he signed with the Yankees…

But lest not forget that the Yankees did take the series. But you would think after talking to some Yankee fans that the world was coming to an end…..And I’ve got to be honest….I am kind of glad to see it.

After reading posts on the Yankees message board as to how the Red Sox’s season is already over and seeing facebook messages about how fun it was going to be to watch the Yankeees sweep the Red Sox, I have to say that the pinstriped fan base was due for a small slice of humble pie.

Does nobody remember last year when the Red Sox owned the Yankees for the first half of the season?  I sure do.

There is no way to predict how the season is going to end up. And all of the baseball big brains who have been pronouncing the Red Sox dead (many of whom write for Boston papers, no less) seem to be forgetting just how long the regular season is. Too much can happen between now and September to be taunting fans of any other baseball team.

I’m an agnostic and as I said earlier, I don’t beleive in curses. But I do think that there is an unseen force that really doesn’t like it when fans start planning World Series watching parties (Yankees 2004)  or city mayors released Championship Parade Routes (Dallas Mavericks 2006) and reacts in a subtle yet profound manner when they do.

We are not even a third of the way through a season yet, fellow Yankee fans. We have no reason to be cocky…..About anything.






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