We Are Not Entitled

After a wonderful season and an offseason that has left Yankee fans with more than a few questions, another spring training is upon us.

I saw a report on ESPN yesterday talking about Roy Halladay’s spring training debut against the Yankees. Alot seemed to be made of the fact that Roy had some k’s and CC had some walks.

I see Nick Johnson will have to sit until monday with a stiff lower back…I fear we may have to get used to that story.

One thing that has crossed my mind since last season’s triumph….Many Yankee fans are again starting to assume that a World Series parade down the Avenue of the Americas is our right.

Hate to break it to all of my fellow members of the Pinstriped Faithful, but it’s not. It doesn’t matter what kind of money the Yankees have spent, there is no guarantee that we will be jumping up and down come next fall classic.

Nick Johnson is great….if he can stay healthy.  The pitching staff is great….Probably the best the Yankees have had in a long time….But that doesn’t mean they are without weaknesses…AJ Burnett is prone to one disastrious inning in every start….Joba and Hughes didn’t look great today.

So, enjoy the fact that baseball is under way again. I know I am…But it would be nice if we could keep the predictions of another year of Yankee glory to a minimum.


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