Great Article in today’s New York Daily News about McGwire


Check it out. It tells the story of the FBI informant involved in operation Equine back in the early nineties.

The last part of it is was drives me the craziest:


“Operation Equine was led by FBI agents Greg Stejskal and Bill Randall, both now retired. After Operation Equine ended, Stejskal tried to alert Major League Baseball to their discoveries, but was met with stony, institutional silence.

They had lots of informants in gyms across the country. One dealer caught up in the investigation was Curt Wenzlaff, who knew major league ballplayers.

“If we had pursued any of the players like we did the dealers, yeah we would have easily put together cases,” Stejskal told the Daily News this week. “All we would have done is wired up Wenzlaff, or we would have sent Bill (Randall) in with Wenzlaff and said, ‘This is my buddy. He’s one of my suppliers.'”

Stejskal said their investigative resources were slim, and the prosecutors were telling them to move up the ladder. Going after players “didn’t fit the philosophy of the case,” he said. But he regrets MLB never followed up.

“It was late in the game, but we still probably could have done something,” Stejskal said. “But I suspect they really didn’t want to know. That’s sort of the feeling I got. The feeling I got was, ‘We can’t test and we really don’t want to know.’ ” “


So according to this, MLB was told about the problem way back when, but they didn’t want to know.
That makes the grandstanding by McGwire, Selig, LaRussa and everyone else all the more nausaiting.



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