Because I just can’t stop ranting about the Steroid Era

Bud Selig is a textbook example as to why the head of any sport should never just ‘go with the flow’.
He just kind of sat on his hands while McGwire and Sosa cheated their way to the history books while they were chasing Maris.
It was after the strike and he was too gutless to really do anything about PED’s because the homerun chase was putting butts in seats.
HeII, if you read the article quoted, he and the other big wigs in MLB were made aware of the prescence of steroids in baseball back in the early nineties and just sort of threw up their hands and did nothing just because they had no testing in place.
It would’ve been nice if he or someone else would’ve grown a pair and actually done something back when it could’ve made a difference. But nobody did, and now he’s concerned about his legacy.
His legacy is this: He will be known as the commissioner who allowed the game to be poisened by PED’s and then tried to cover his behind by taking measures that were purely cosmetic. (Having a report done by someone tied to a major league team and testing that allowed players to be warned in advance and trying to make it seem like Jose Conseco was the lone steroid user.)

He’s a gutless individual who can only make the game better by resigning.


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