La Russa didn’t know that McGwire used steroids….Right.

Yeah….La Russa didn’t know that McGwire was juicing…And while we’re at it, Selig was completely in the dark as well.
Does anyone really beleive that?

MLB has been dirty for years. Before it was roids, it was ampetimines. And now after getting their hands caught in the cookie jar, the sport is trying to clean things up. That along with a high school age pitcher committing suicide becuase of PED usage.

That’s just sad.

What’s even more sad than that is that the only fans that care that Big Papi and Manny used are Yankee fans. The only fans who care that Bonds juiced are Dodger fans. And the only fans who care that Sammy Sosa juiced are Cardinal fans.
But as long as players were wearing the uniform of our favorite team, we really didn’t see a need to get upset by it all.
We are all a part of the same hypocrisy.

McGwire breaking Roger Maris’s record only highlights how shortsighted the offices of MLB and the players association really were in the late 80’s on through the 90’s.

So now McGwire, La Russa and Selig will do yet another dog and pony show. MLB’s gotten pretty good at those over the last few years.

But the damage is done….And truth be told, nobody really gives a damn about it.


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