A Message for the Yankees part II:You haven’t won anything yet.

So the magic number for the AL East is now eight and all the Yankees have to do is win one game to get into the post season.

No problem, right?



It was no problem in 2004 when the Yankees were up on the Red Sox in the ALCS three games to none….Yet they didn’t win, did they.


All you guys with your swinging for that five run homer that never seems to materialize (A Rod, Swisher) and your ho hum swings that kill rallies (Cano) and your insisting that you didn’t pitch that badly when you pitched like total *** (UM that would be you, Joba) better get a damned clue.

By the way, Mr Girardi, how many runs does Brian Bruney have to give up per inning before you consider him unrelieable?

Teams aren’t afraid of you anymore. And you can’t run CC out for every game, even though he would probably agree to do that.

So why don’t you take a quick refresher in making pitchers work and the idea of meeting the ball with the bat, not killing ir and other sure fire fundemental baseball concepts that are tried and true.

Because the crap you’ve been throwing down the last two games isn’t working with a damn.


Yes, I’m pissed….Yes I realize I’m overreacting…and yes I’m tired….I hate these west coast games.



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