Not to take anything away from the Texas Rangers. They played a great series.


But in today’s game, the Rangers starting pitcher, Dustin Nippert, gave up seven walks in three and two thirds innings.

And this Yankee line up that everyone has been raving about was unable to take advantage of it.


That’s a problem.


If anyone thinks this season ended when the Yankees took two of three from Boston, think again.


The Yankees can still lose out on the postseason.



  1. urbanshawk

    I think every thing about today’s loss is cause for alarm. From the line up not taking advantage of the walks to Phil Coke forgetting that the reason the third baseman lines up close to the batter in bunt situations is to field the ball so that the pitcher doesn’t have to try it to some of the pitches the Yankees just looked at.

    They’re playing as if they’ve already clinched….Which they haven’t.
    Kind of like in 2004 when they played the last four games of the ALCS as if they had already punched their tickets to the world series.

    A closed door team meeting is needed…

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