Jim Rice is a Red Sock…Could he really be anything else?

So after years of being denied entry into the hall of fame because he didn’t really get along with various members of the baseball media, Jim Rice was finally inducted this year.

It’s really too bad that his admission into Cooperstown did nothing to alleviate the sour grapes that he’s been known for.

It was recently reported that Jim Rice lumped Derek Jeter in with Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez as being bad role models. 

Maybe it’s the money that the baseball players of today make that has Rice’s panties in a wad. Maybe it’s that it’s been too long that he’s been relevent and he just wants people to talk about him again. And maybe he’s just an idiot who doesn’t realize how full of it he is by suggesting that Derek Jeter isn’t someone worth looking up to.

Whatever the case may be, he comments are laced with all the bitterness and spite that permiates what has come to be known as the Red Sox nation.

Before 2004, I was told by every Red Sox fan who had something to say about the subject that all it would take is one world series championship for good ol’ Beanetown and they would be able to drop their disdain for all things Yankee.

Well, the Red Sox have won two world series since then. And whenever you get more than ten Sawx fans together in the same place, you can still count on the good ol’ “Yankees Suck” chant to be uttered….Whether it’s a baseball game or superbowl parade or a PTA Meeting, the odds are good that it will happen.

Jim Rice should have absolutely no reason to be bitter. Next to winning a World Championship, he has been bestowed with the greatest honor a baseball player can have. He is in the Hall of Fame along with the greatest who ever played the game.

Yet that isn’t enough for him….Maybe it’s because he never did win a World Championship during his career….Who knows….And more important than that, who really cares.

What make me sad the most is that he made these comments while talking to Little Leaguers…..LITTLE LEAGUERS….Kids who play the game because it’s fun. Kids who should be taught to shake hands after every game and enjoy the whole experience.

If that’s that the best that Rice can do while talking to kids, I would suggest that his induction to the HOF may have very well been a mistake…At the very least, it justifies why so many baseball writers hesitated to put him in for so long.

I really used to think that he was being wronged but those who held up his induction…Now I’m upset that they gave him a pass.

So in the end, one thing is clear:

Jim Rice is bitter about Derek Jeter….And so is the Red Sox Nation.

They deserve each other.



  1. firefly724

    As usual, you’ve managed to say it all so succinctly, I have little reason to add or subtract. And you made me laugh. This makes you man of the hour.



  2. danigirrl

    Terrific commentary. You said exactly what most baseball fans have felt since hearing about this.

    I think by now Mr. Rice is probably wishing he never opened his mouth.

    Great Blog too. Thanks for sharing it with me.

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