The Value of Being Cautiously Optimistic and the Papi double standard

It’s a great morning to be a Yankee fan. The Yankees swept the Sox by getting great pitching performances from their starters and releivers. That along with some timely hitting made the sweep possible.

I heard Buster Onley on Baseball Tonight say how the Red Sox have never erased a five and a half game deficit after the Yankees took game three of the series.

There was a time when no team ever came back from being down three games to none in a playoff series….But that all changed in 2004.

There is alot of time left in the 09 season. And if things hold true, Mitre will still be the fifth starter and Joba will be restricted to throwing five innings. The Yankees can still find themselves watching this years playoffs from the comfort of home like they did last year.

But on the other hand, if there is ever a time for a team to get hot and start playing good baseball, it’s now.

Hopefully the Yankees will be able to keep momentum. 


So it was David Ortiz being ‘careless’ that lead to him going from hitting over twenty homeruns before signing with the Red Sox to blowing up to hitting two hundred and eight home runs between 2003 to 2007. (That’s an average of 41.6 homeruns a year….caculators in cell phones….What will they think up next?)

And, not surprisingly, this has been accepted by Mike Lupica, Mike Green and other talking heads in sports media. If Peter Gammons and Skip Bayliss haven’t weighed in on this yet, I’m sure when they do, they will give Ortiz the benefit of the doubt.

That makes sense. Ortiz has always been a likeable figure. Alex Rodriguez has always come across as aloof. Sammy Sosa was caught using a corked bat and suddenly forgot how to speak english before congress. Manny Ramirez has the stigma on quitting on a playoff bound team and Barry Bonds has been a self absorbed, entitled embarrasment to everyone outside of San Fransisco for year.

But I notice the vocal members of Red Sox nation who screamed that the Yankees 2003 ALCS victory over the Red Sox was tainted because of a pivotal homerun that Jason Giambi hit aren’t talking so loud anymore.  I was pleasently surprised when Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy pointed out how Sawx fans who took so much pleasure in pointing out the PED scandal that seemed to permiate all things pinstriped are having to face up that the players on their team cheated just as much as any other teams did.

And I guess this also means that Ortiz is maintaining that he didn’t know he tested positive in 03 until the NYT article.

Whatever the case may be, it’s a weak argument that is being baught by so many. This is a great countryt that we life in. One in which you can endorse anyone or anything or any argument you choose to.

And if you do endorse what Ortiz is saying, all I can say is go ahead….Keep telling yourself that his homerun average blowing up after signing with Boston was the result of supliments that he didn’t know were tainted. Maybe…..Eventually even you will come to really beleive it.










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