Why Make Joba a starter in the first place? A Rotation Rant.

So after finally getting some truly quality starts from Chamberlain, we now get the news that he has an innings limit and may not finish out the year as a starter.

Is he made of plywood?

This coupled with the fact that after being told for years that Phil Hughes was going to solid part of the rotation, it seems he’s going to be in the pen for the rest of the year.

THIS comined with the fact that the Yankees spen ALL that money on CC and AJ….With less than stellar results.

Watching CC pitch is a real mixed bag. Even when he’s successful I can feel my blood pressure rising because he works so damned slow to get through a game. But when he’s bad on top of that, I usually have to change the channels…..MSNBC’s To Catch a Predator Marathons are a good way to pass time on a saturday or sunday afternoon.

It looks like the rest of the season will be interesting in not so good of a way in 09.



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