Hey Red Sox Nation: Your heroes are dirty too!

So many Red Sox fans loved to point fingers at Jason Giambi, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte and Alex Rodriguez and any other player who played for the Yankees who tested positive for PED’s because they were Yankees and they cheated.

They came over to board on Yankees.com and taunted Yankee fans whenever a news story came out about the latest Yankee to be named in connection to PED’s and how everything the team won during the steroid era was suspect.

Then Manny got suspended for fifty games at the beginning of the season for testing positive and all of a sudden, they just didn’t have a alot to say. There were weak proclomations like “he didn’t get caught when he played with the Red Sox” and the like. But for the most part, I think Manny’s suspension forced Red Sox fans to face what, deep down, they already knew.

But Big Papi was clean, right? His name never surfaced on any report right? Never mind that before being signed by the Red Sox, he was seen as a player who was fading into oblivion….So much that the Twins released him.
And never mind that since testing has become more prevelant in MLB, he hasn’t come close to putting up the same power numbers he did before.

Now it looks like that there’s documentation that states that David Ortiz juiced too….That he and Manny both tested positive in 2003….So I guess the Red Sox fans who wanted to make Yankee victories brought about with players who used PED’s to be considered null and void are suddenly thankful that no one on the 04 Red Sox team will have to give back their rings now, right?

And as a Yankee fan, it is kind of satisfying to see that the moral highground that so many Red Sox fans thought existed because of PED’s was an illusion all along.

By the way, interesting that neither Manny nor Ortiz’s names were in the Mitchell report..Don’t you think?….What MLB baseball team was George Mitchell associated with?…

Also, while I love what Hank Aaron had to say about steroids and putting an asterisk on players found guilty of jucing who get into the HOF, I would love it if just one sports reporter would have the stones to ask Mr. Aaron about the prevelance of ‘greenies’ when he played ball.

All of this gloating is bittersweet….The entire damned game is dirty. Thanks to Donald Feher and Bud Selig and all points inbetween collectively turning a blind eye, steroids and hgh is all over Major League Baseball.

And after looking at the big picture, it’s kind or hard to celebrate that.


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