Dice K and perspective on Ox goring

So after reading a Boston Blobe article and reading comments on the si boards, it seems some folks are now complaining about Dice K being a diva and how the Red Sox wasted over a hundred million dollars to bring him to Boston.

But no one in Red Sox Nations thought so last year when he went 18-3.

And while I’m a diehard Yankee fan, I think it’s funny how so many in Yankees Universe are pointing fingers and laughing at the Red Sox right now. Because at least the Yankees didn’t have to pay so much to bring pitching sensation Kei Igawa to the Bronx from the Land of the Rising Son right? (How’s that working out these days?…I need to check the minor league reports!)

Also, folks are saying that the author of the story shouldn’t be complaining about Dice K and that the pitching coach quoted is too low on the totum pole to be asked in the first place.

But sports writers are in the business of writing stories that will sell papers and get people on online comment boards reason to spew….So in this case, I would guess that the mission was accomplished.

It all comes down to this….It all depends who’s Ox is being gored.

We Yankee fans willing to speak on the subject were so happy that CC in pinstripes four or five days ago are scratching our heads this morning. 

The same with those so happy that Joba is a starter after he pitched so well against the A’s will call for him to be shipped to the pen or to Toronto for Halladay if he falters tonight against the Rays.

Such is the life of a sports fan…..Ain’t it grand?


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