Oh What a difference two wins can make

It’s been a great couple of days for the Yankees. A Rod looks like he’s waking up offensively. Joba has pitched really well over the last two starts. Pettitte looked great against the Marlins….Not so great tonight. But I do think if Gardner doesn’t drop the ball on that fly ball hit to shallow center field, things would’ve turned out differently for Andy….Maybe not. But I really think that error made a difference.

But I’m encouraged that the Yankees were able to keep that from derailing them tonight.

Every time I see Aceves pitch I find something to feel good about. He just seems like a guy who knows how to come on with the come on. I think he’ll be a helluva starter in the not so distant future.

Jose Veras to the Indians for cash. I’m not exactly going to miss him I must say.

I guess there’s no news on Demaso Marte worth reporting. I have that sickening feeling that he’s going to be this years Steve Karsay. I guess Xavier Nady is ready for some rehab starts. Which would give the Yankees another defensive option for right field. Although Swisher did make an excellent catch during last nights game. And Swisher can make me crazy sometimes in a not so good way, he is starting to grow on me. (The inner punk rock child in me loves the mowhawk he’s throwing down.)

So now it’s on to pitcher freindly Citi Field to face the Mets in their shiny new park. I’m a little nervous to see how CC’s going to be.  But it should be interesting.



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