A truly pathetic turn of events

Got swept by the Red Sox, should have lost two out of three to the Mets and did lose two of three to the Nationals.

And I read on Yankees.com that Joba had a quality start tonight?

I would agree if it wasn’t for all of the walks he gave up. I get less and less enamoured with him with every start….To the point where I’m about to join the ‘Joba to the Pen’ throng.

If I were a big league manager, was about to face the Yankees either at home or on the road and wanted to increase my teams chances of winning the series, I would call up three unknown AAA starting pitchers…I bet I’d do pretty well.

Considering how much money this line up is making, that should make them want to hide in some corner of their individual shiek Manhattan apartments for a few days….No doubt they’ll be hitting the clubs in Miami tonight asking dj’s to ‘pump up the hip-hop’.

I also read that the Yankees are going to scout Pedro Martinez in the Dominican Republic….So after the big splash acqisitions of CC, AJ and signing Damaso Marte (remember him?) to an extended deal, this is what it’s come to?

Another thought, everyone is so impressed that this team has so many come from behind wins. I’m starting to think that having that distinguishment isn’t such a great thing. With all of the improvements this team has made in the rotation and line up, why are they having to come back so many times in the first place?

So I guess Hank and Hal aren’t going to follow their old man’s example and make some dissapproving statements about the Yankees uninspired play as of late in the press.

That’t too bad….It would be nice if someone besides some frustrated fan with a blog that nobody reads did.


I know it’s a long season and anything can happen, but losing two of three to the Montreal Expos is just sickening.



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