Now all of those “Joba to the Pen” blowhards can shut up…..

Until he again struggles in a start.

That’s usually the way things work.


That was the one moment that really made me come out of my seat.

And truth be told, even when he struggled in Texas, he still got five strikeouts.

And Wang is looking better with every outing…And Hughes has been throwing some quaility innings.

Too many pitchers and too few slots in the starting rotation…What a problem to have!


But tonight was a good win and a good way to wrap up the road trip. The pitching, for the most part, was consistant. In some cases, like with Phil Coke and Jose Veras, it was consistantly bad. But it was good enough to lead the Yankees to more wins than loses.

By the way, Phil. You didn’t do yourself any favors by mouthing off about the umpire not giving you the strike that you wanted yesterday….Because odds are, you’re going to have him behind the plate when you pitch again sometime down the road…OR, you’re going to have one of his good friends….OR who knows? Maybe ALL umpires are good friends with each other.

So good luck ever getting a borderline pitch called a strike for the rest of the year.


So now the Rangers are going to New York.

If the Yankees underestimate them, it will be to their peril. The Rangers are a fun team to watch…I root for them whenever they’re not playing the Yankees. And they can play with anybody. And let nobody forget that they flat beat up on the Yankees in the Bronx last year.

Just sayin’.


Anyway….Too much excitement.

Good night!


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