Retractable roofs, Joba’s control problems and Nick Swisher in real time.

It is the bottom of the seventh in Arlington. The Yankees are down by two, Josh Hamilton just knocked in another run.

The Red Sox and the Blue Jays both lost tonight. So that takes the sting out of this performance should the Yankees go on to lose tonight. To en extent anyway.

The Yankees are in a better postion right now than they were at this time last year.

It’s still early and there’s alot of baseball yet to be played.

First pitch wasn’t thrown until 9:30 CST. A two and a half hour rain delay.

I know purist hate this, but every baseball stadium needs a retractable roof. They say that it’s an american tradition that baseball be played outside…..It’s also an american tradition that if we see room for improvement, we take advantage of it. It would be nice if we could actually have a full season not screwed by rain delays.


Joba’s inconsistancy is really getting on my last nerve. The easiest damned pitch to throw is strike fricken one.

He didn’t do that tonight and was gone by the sixth inning.


I’m starting to see why Ozzie Guillen wanted to get Swisher out of Chicago. His penchant for not getting a clutch hit has really gotten annoying lately. And tonight he let a fly ball fall that a real right feilder probably would’ve gotten.

So I’m really looking forward to Xavier Nady getting healthy.


Yankees are now down by three.


We’ll see what happens.


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