Some reflections after a pathetic homestand.

I think proclaiming to be a Yankee fan always opens someone to criticism. I understand that. They have rich owners who make no bones about spending top dollar to put a quality team on the field.
And Steinbrenner has a history of being a bit of a demagogue.
But there has always been the feeling that George Steinbrenner does what he does because he loves the Yankees and is interested in giving Yankee fans something to cheer about.
It feels like that’s changed. 
The new stadium brought about higher ticket prices. Not taking into account that the economy would tank seems to have resulted in there being alot of empty seats around home plate and by the dugouts because people just can’t afford them.
And then you have what happened Monday night….The game got delayed for two hours and fans who were told that the game was rained out weren’t allowed back in….One of which was a mother who flew in from Oregon to take her sixteen year old son to a game at the new ballpark as a birthday present.
Now perhaps she was compensated in some way. But if that has happened, it hasn’t been reported.
And now we read that Paul O Neil, a player once referred to by George as a Warrior, was told to get away from the batting cages recently.
I think the fact that the Steinbrenners have been silent about how Yankee fans (along with former players who were instrumental in winning four World Series rings) have been treated and how the 200 million dollar team has performed is what really seems to stink the most.
No press release expressing embarrassment about the Monday night fiasco or how poorly this team has performed?
If this is how Hank and Hal are going to run things, then Yankee fans are entering a dark period.


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