Girardi snatches defeat from the jaws of victory

Tonights game is just another example of how this team seems to be all wrong.

Burnette pitches well enough to win….But get’s no run support.

Edward and Alabadelejo pitch fairly well. Mo comes in and looks really, really good.

Mark Teixiera ties up the game on a bases clearing double.

Then Joe Girardi pulls out the gun with one bullet that is the Yankees bullpen and puts Phil Coke in….Who promptly gives up a go ahead dinger.

Teixiera comes up again with one out and Johnny Damon on third….And pops out to shallow center.

And the game is pretty much over.

Have there been any closed door meetings yet?…..Are Hank and Hal outraged at the play of their 200 million dollar ball club or are they outraged at all of those empty premium seats that are always caught on camera.

Either way, this is just god awefull.

And I honestly don’t see anything getting better anytime soon.


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