I’m Having a Hard Time Finding Anything Good to think about the 09 Yankees

I know, it’s early May and there’s alot of baseball yet to be played.

 But this team is just disgusting to watch.

A starting pitching rotation worth over seventy million dollars who can’t seem to get through five innings without throwing a hundred plus pitches.

A bullpen that gets spanked like a naughty group of pant wetting toddlers every time they get called upon to do anything.

A lineup that tries to hit five run homers when an rbi single would do just as well.

And now we get word during last night’s rain dely, fans who left the New Yankee Stadium after being told the game was rained out weren’t allowed to return to see the game. One of which was a mother who flew from Oregon to take her sixteen year old son to see a game at the new ballpark as a birthday present…Sure hope the Stienbrenners or someone in the Yankee orginization did right by her.

I understand that being a fan of one team isn’t always supposed to be rosey, but this is just sickening. And it’s going to take more than A Rod to fix things.

Hope this team is able to put something together that’s worth the hype, because right now they’re the laughing stock of baseball.


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