Steroids and A Rod

So, where do I start?

Well, let’s start with the fact that the steroid problem really gathered most of its steam right under the nose of MLB owners and the Players Association.

I honestly believe that the powers that be could’ve nipped the problem in the bud well before it became the monster that it did. They could’ve done the right thing.

But they didn’t.

They didn’t because baseball was losing fans after the last strike and the goal was to put butts in seats in baseball stadiums across the country.

Home runs do that.

McGuire and Sosa’s chasing Maris’s record did that.

There is not doubt in my mind that EVERYONE knew that those two were juicing. And everyone from Bud Selig to Donald Feher to the coaches and general managers that looked the other way to the players that juiced themselves is responsible for this mess.

It could’ve been stopped well before it became what it did….But because the powers that be were either too greedy or too gutless, they didn’t.

Which leads this discussion to Alex Rodriguez.

I think that it’s very possible that when all is said and done, the Yankees will look upon the A Rod acquisition as the biggest mistake in franchise history.

Like I said in the blog about Torre’s book: As of now, A Rod is still seen as the Yankee who can’t.

His time in pinstripes has been a failure for the most part.

Starting from that ridicules incident where he tried to justify slapping the ball out of Arroyo’s hands during the 04 collapse to cheating on his wife to opting out of his deal during the final game of the World Series to his inability to hit worth a damn in the post season to this.

All that he’s consistently shown is his ability to put up gaudy statistics.

Now it looks like those beauty contest numbers won’t really mean all that much either as this mornings report has more than likely torpedoed any chance of him being in the Hall of Fame.

He will not be the one to save Aaron’s and Maris’s record from Barry Bonds.

And judging from his reaction to it by telling whomever approached him to go ask the union because he has nothing to say, it doesn’t look like he’s going to handle this problem any better than any other issue he’s had in the media.

When it comes to how he to handle this in the public, it appears that He has two choices.

He could come clean like Pettitte did. And that will make things a little easier for him in the short term.

We want to forgive people when they screw up….Provided that the come forward in an honest, hat in hand way.

Or he could do what McGuire did and what Clemens is doing.

Which will result in more pressure being put on him that he’s ever had to endure before.

And it’s not like he’s known for being a great one to handle pressure.

Either way, today’s revelation will lead him to be a foot note on the history of baseball after his career is done…. The same baseball writers who don’t vote for McGuire won’t vote for A Rod.

The mental asterisk of the steroid era that covers McGuire, Bonds, Conseco and Palmiero will cover him too.

And while it’s probably wrong that the info got leaked, he did it to himself by cheating in the first place.

And make no mistake…HE DID CHEAT.

Finally, how will this affect Yankee fans?

It will affect us mightily.

Yankee haters will scream A Roid when the Yankees go on the road. And Yankee fans everywhere will be confronted with the fact that just when we thought we were out from under the specter of performance enhancing drugs with Giambi gone….A Rod’s positive test from six years ago pulls us right back in.

I have gone to at least one game a series when the Yankees come to play the Rangers for the last nine years or so.

I may not go this year.

Things really started getting rough for Yankee fan in Arlington right after the A Rod trade.

Things really shifted from being friendly banter to down right ugly.

I’ve had at least one incident every time I’ve gone to see the Yankees play ever since 2004. Everything from folks getting in my face to trying to open the door of my car as I was trying to drive off a parking lot.

After this morning’s story, I expect things to be ten times worse.

And since the Rangers saw fit to raise ticket prices to premium baseball games like when the Yankees come to town, I have to ask myself….Is it really worth the aggravation I’m going to have to put up with?

We’ll see.

It’s too bad….I was really looking forward to the start of spring training until this morning.

Now, I can’t really say that I am.



  1. juliasrants

    Today is a very sad day for all of baseball – whether you are a Rangers, Yankees or Red Sox fan. With A-Rod and these other idiots have done is to soil the game that we all hold dear. We need to know who the other 103 players who are on the list. And we fans need to let the powers to be know how we all feel.


  2. urbanshawk

    First of all, thank you for being the first one to comment on something I’ve written….Ever.

    I agree with you about fans needing to let the powers that be how we feel.
    The problem I see with that is that the best way to do that is to not go to games….And I don’t see that happening.

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