Why Red Sox fans should be happy this morning.

It’s been a great off-season for the Yankees so far.

But the ones who should really be happy are the members of Red Sox Nation.

Not because the Yankees have spent over four hundred million dollars. While it’s great to see the Hal and Hank are willing to put their money where their mouths are, the money spent guarantees nothing.

Just like it guaranteed nothing when Giambi signed his deal with the Yankees or when A Rod was traded to the Yankees from Texas or when Randy Johnson was traded from the D Backs.

Yankee fans everywhere know, deep down, that the hoopla that has been echoing in the Yankee Universe doesn’t even guarantee a playoff birth, let alone World Series number twenty-seven.


In 2004, the tables got turned. The Red Sox reversed the curse and won the World Series.

I was told by every Red Sox fan that I knew that one World Series would be all it really took to cure the bitterness that ailed Red Sox fans everywhere. Elderly Bostonians could go meet their makers with a smile in their hearts and young Red Sox fans would no longer be burdened by the bitterness that has defined their fan base like a plague for the last eighty something years.

The hatred for all things Yankees would end.


Well, it didn’t. Red Sox fans still went on and on with their Yankees suck chant, wore their hats and pins sporting the Yankee NY with the ban sign around it and people still wore shirts that bemoaned the Yankees and anyone who rooted for them are who dated someone who rooted for them.

If anything, it seemed to me that the bitterness intensified.

It’s as if the loud, ignorant wing of the Red Sox fan base realized that they really had nothing more to be bitter about. So they tried to divert attention away from that by screaming Yankees Suck louder and more often.

The signings of CC and AJ were great. But the Red Sox are strong in pitching. So those signings shouldn’t have stung the Nation all that much.

But the Teixeira signing should.

Apparently, Red Sox principal owner John Henry and GM Theo Epstein have been targeting Teixeira for the last two years. Every Red Sox fan has known this.

Over the last two weeks, Red Sox fans have been on the Yankee message boards gloating about how Teixeira was about to be a Red Sock.

The meeting between the Red Sox management and Teixeira in Texas was supposed to be to close the deal.

Except it didn’t happen.

For whatever reason, Teixeira and his agent, who is still the baseball anti-christ, wanted to give the Yankees a shot.

And the rest is history.

So as Anakin Skywalker said to Padme on the fiery planet of Mustafar, bitter Red Sox fans can look at each other in glee and say “We don’t have to hide anymore.”

Teixeira was taken from right under the nose of the Nation.

Red Sox fan again have a real reason to boo and to fuel the Yankees suck chant.

Secretly, I think every Red Sox fan is happy this morning.

They have a tangible reason to be bitter again.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

Merry Christmas all.



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