Winter Rumors and other thoughts

So it looks like I spoke too soon about Andy Pettitte in my last blog.

It seems that he thinks that the Yankees are out of line for wanting to cut his pay by six million dollars by offering him a one year contract for a measly ten million.

This was after the organization stood by him after he admitted that he lied about taking HGH and he finished the 08 campaign by going 2-7 with a 6.23 ERA.

I’ve never been one to agree with the New York Post, but he if does sign with another team, Yankee fans should indeed view him as a phony.


Cashman and CC met yesterday. According to sources the meeting went well. Repeat mantra: “Hope for the best, expect the worse…Hope for the best, expect the worse….Hope for the best, expect the worst….”


Cash also met with Teixiera and his agent…..You know him as Scott Boras. But I think that KTCK 1310 AM radio personality Mike Rhyner correctly pegged him by calling him “The baseball anti-christ”.

Teixiera has his good points. Switch hitter, great defender and nice power stroke. But he has some not so good points too. Despite what so many baseball writers have said, he is not really seen as a great clubhouse guy.

But he could help the Yankees.

I’d rather see him manning first base than Nick Swisher.

But than again, I wouldn’t be broken hearted if he went to Boston either.



A Rod announced playing for the Dominicans in the World Baseball Classic. This while following some aged stripper from Detroit who insists on talking with an English accent around while she tours the USA and Latin American.

 I thought he was born in NYC and was raised in Florida.  I guess he’s doing this because his mother is from the DR.

Whatever works.  But this only supplies A Rod’s critics with more fodder.   And whether he admits it or not, he does care what people say about him.

 Anyway, hopefully by this time next week we’ll have a better idea of what the Yanks are going to be throwing on the field in 09.


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