My First blog.

Three days after Thanksgiving and STILL NO WORD FRON CC?

It seems that all of the pinstriped faithful are all holding our collective breath to see if CC will sign with the Yankees or not.

I know that there’s alot riding on this and I would love to see Sabathia in pinstripes. But I think we who bleed pinstripes need to get a grip. There’s a very real possibility that the big lefty may really not want to play in the Bronx. I know it’s hard for us to believe, but there are baseball players who don’t dream of putting on pinstripes. And if that’s how CC feels, then kudos for him for not signing on the dotted line just because he was offered the most money.

Not having CC in the rotation won’t be the end of the world….Even though it will probably feel that way.


So Andy may be pitching for the Dodgers in 09

I know baseball is a business and that Andy didn’t look great at times last year. But he deserves to be treated better by the Yankee front office than he has. I’m not saying that he’s worth the sixteen million dollars he’s allegedly asking for.

But he’s been a good soldier for the Yankees in the past and that should count for something. They ended up showing Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson more respect than they’re showing Andy right now. And that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

If he pitches for the Dodgers in 09, I wish him well.


AJ, Lowe and Hughes

Kind of glad to see that someone in the Yankees front office is tapping the breaks on AJ. He looked really good last year, especially against the Yankees. But his performance is eerily reminiscent of another right handed pitcher who parlayed one great year after being mostly sidelined by injuries into a four year, forty million dollar contract with the Yankees.

So how did Carl Pavano work out?

Alot of my fellow Yankee fans don’t like the idea of Lowe in pinstripes. I don’t agree. He can give the Yankees some quality innings and he has a history of staying healthy.

I love the idea of Hughes making good on all of the hype. But I wouldn’t mind seeing him spending the year in Scranton….That may very well just what he needs.



So the Red Sox and an unproven Japanese pitcher are all hot to trot for each other. Good luck with all that.

Don’t like that Melky’s time in the Bronx is more than likely over with. But I can’t blame the organization for moving on. But unless Brett Gardner can learn to hit, his base running prowess is useless. One thing I think we learned from Alfonso Soriano is that having a demon on the base paths in your line up is useless if he can’t get on base because he’s trying to hit homeruns all the time….In Gardner’s case, it would be because he can’t hit on a major league level.

The aforementioned Carl Pavano said recently that his time with the Yankees was “exhausting”. May I ask what tired him out so much?

Anyway, hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and are recovering well.

Take care






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